I took my first photos with a DSLR camera of live music acts in 2015 on a festival and found a new passion. More and more I was seen in front of stages at the weekends, and one year later I was shooting with my first official press accreditation in my pocket.
I still shoot in small clubs and I like it, but I was also looking for other challenges. In 2017 I had my first job with a webzine (Metalnews.ch) at the very same festival it all began. Just a few weeks after I found myself on the Holy Ground of Wacken, shooting in the pit of the mainstages of one of the biggest metal festivals.
Since the first steps I’ve come a long way, constantly improving my skills and upgrading my tools. Me and my camera usually can be seen in venues in Switzerland and Germany, but for interesting concerts and festivals I don’t hesitate to travel to other countries as well. 
Are you interested in a collaboration? Please contact me! (English/Deutsch)
E-Mail: info[at]claudiachiodi.com