Photo Shootings

Fallen Sanctuary 2022

Joining the new band to document the video shooting for their debut album and taking some band photos for promotional use

Fuchsteufelswild 2021

Shooting for new press photos and announcing new violin player

Majestica 2021

Some new photos were needed to announce the new guitar player and The Christmas Carol Tour.

Temperance 2021

Additional photo shoot while filming Diamanti video in Milano and some behind the scenes snapshots

For Beautiful Beasts 2021

Etsy store for handmade jewelry

Lilvess 2020

Model | Cosplayer | Seamstress

Michele Guaitoli 2020

Singer | Producer | Audio Engineer

Ad Infinitum 2020

Shooting press photos for the acoustic album Chapter I Revisited


Urban Shooting

Autumn Forest

Ork Shooting